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Wastewater Energy for Engineers

Unleash the forgotten power of Wastewater Energy for heating & cooling.
Wastewater is a proven source of consistent, clean energy all year round, regardless of climate or external temperatures.

Example wastewater configurations

Wastewater: A dependable & sustainable energy source

  • Wastewater energy is a predictable, inexhaustible and renewable source of clean energy for both heating & cooling.
  • It is an enormous untapped energy resource that is scalable and accessible.
  • Unlike wind and solar, wastewater energy is consistently available, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Wastewater pairs well with geothermal and can be used as a basis for Energy as a Service

Optimizes heating & cooling

  • Balances heating & cooling loads, optimizing system performance.
  • Supplements Domestic Hot Water (DHW) production and supports hydronic space heating.

Saves Fresh water

  • Saves fresh water by reducing the cooling load on cooling towers, an essential consideration in areas with water restrictions, drought conditions, or hot climates. 

Reduces costs

  • Reduces load of other heating/cooling equipment
  • Keeps energy inside the building envelope

Reduces carbon

  • Accelerates electrification & meeting carbon reduction goals
  • Offsets/eliminates natural gas boilers

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"We tried everything else, and wastewater was the most impactful."

Watch how Morgan Creek Ventures elevated their sustainable building design with Wastewater Energy

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