Reduce CO2 emissions, costs & power consumption

Industry-leading Return On Investment (ROI)

  • Outstanding payback, especially with hotter source liquids
  • Reduce capital costs & peak load requirements of other equipment
  • Avoid paying peak energy rates by intelligently pre-heating
  • Highly efficient use of real estate, square footage = $
  • Avoid hot wastewater temperature fines
  • Carbon & Tax credits are a new global currency
reliable drain water heat transfer

Rock-solid reliability

  • Superior high-volume wastewater filtration
  • Game-changing low maintenance
  • Remotely managed & monitored
  • Robust design and 25+ year lifespan
  • Proactive maintenance alerts

Instant reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG)

  • Wastewater heat recovery is critical for achieving net-zero carbon footprint
  • Earn significant points on your sustainable building project (LEED, Green Globes)
  • Supplements other clean energy infrastructure
  • Avoid unnecessary power generation
  • Optimize resource consumption for future generations

Measurable results

  • Get accurate power consumption stats
  • Calculate your GHG savings / GHG emission reductions

Great support

  • Guaranteed installation & operational success
  • Vancouver-based support with global network of Distributors
  • Track record of 20+ happy international clients