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Why use Wastewater Energy?

Reduce CO2 emissions, energy costs & fresh water consumption

What problem does using wastewater energy solve?

Energy leaving the building is energy wasted.  The world has been leaking energy unnecessarily for decades by being inefficient with resources and allowing energy leaks to go unscrutinized.

Heat energy wasted down the drain

Every day, trillions of gallons of energy-rich hot water is drained into the sewers by residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Fresh water is consumed by cooling towers while cooling

Cooling towers consume huge amounts of fresh water to actively eject unwanted heat. 

Meanwhile, there is always demand for more Domestic Hot Water (DHW) or space heating.

Using wastewater offsets the thermal load on the cooling towers by redirecting unwanted heat into something more useful, like DHW.

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Instant reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG)

  • Wastewater Energy Transfer (WET) is a key element for achieving net-zero carbon footprint
  • WET acts as a thermal buffer, optimizing other heating & cooling infrastructure 
  • Earn significant points on your sustainable building projects (LEED, Green Globes)
  • Avoids unnecessary power generation
  • Optimizes resource consumption for future generations
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Wastewater Energy Reduces Fresh Water Consumption

  • Reduced cooling load from using wastewater as an energy source saves huge amounts of fresh water consumed by cooling towers
  • Helps create smarter water usage, ideal for drought conditions
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Industry leading Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Outstanding payback, especially with hotter source liquids
  • Reduce capital costs & peak load requirements of other equipment
  • Avoid paying peak energy rates by intelligently pre-heating
  • Highly efficient use of real estate, square footage = $
  • Info on WET funding via the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022
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Rock-solid reliability

  • Superior high-volume wastewater filtration
  • Game-changing low maintenance
  • Remotely managed & monitored
  • Robust design and 25+ year lifespan
  • Proactive maintenance alerts
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Measurable results

  • We help calculate your CO2 reductions & savings, using real-time data
  • Get accurate consumption stats, right from source
  • Internet connected, Building Management System (BMS) compatible
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Great support

  • Vancouver-based support with global network of Distributors
  • Track record of 20+ happy international clients
  • Lunch & learns, remote training available

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