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Wastewater and Geothermal

Wastewater Energy enhances & optimizes geothermal projects to reduce costs, carbon & complexity.

Reduces project costs

The use of wastewater energy in geothermal projects can significantly reduce the costs associated with the project. 

The SHARC series reduces the number of bore holes that need to be drilled so less project and construction expense is incurred, less real estate needs to be disrupted or excavated, and reduces the overall project footprint.

Recovering energy is 20% the cost of making it!

Improves geothermal loop performance

Using wastewater energy with geothermal helps the geothermal loop run optimally by acting as a thermal buffer and stabilizing the peak temperature of the loop. 

This reduces the load on the thermal loop, enabling the otherwise wasted heat energy to be transferred productively to other heating loads. 

Enhances sustainability

Geothermal energy is a sustainable source of clean energy, and using wastewater energy boosts its overall efficiency.

The use of wastewater energy reduces the load on the thermal loop, making it more efficient and helping to conserve energy, helping the system be even more environmentally friendly. 

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By combining the benefits of both geothermal and wastewater energy, geothermal projects can be more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective. 

Why include wastewater energy in your geothermal project?

More efficient: Significantly increase energy efficiency by proactively recovering energy instead of letting it go to waste, redirecting it to more productive use. Optimizes the temperature of your loop!

Increased Compliance: Comply with the latest building codes and regulations, meet strict performance and safety standards, by incorporating wastewater energy. You can’t meet Net Zero without wastewater!

Scalable: Wastewater energy recovery systems are scalable, allowing engineers to start small and grow their systems over time as the demand for energy increases. This makes it a flexible solution for engineers who want to keep costs low and maintain the scalability of their systems.

Trusted: Wastewater is a proven technology that works effectively in numerous applications, providing engineers with a tried-and-true solution that they can trust. It is easily repeatable and produces consistent results.

Geothermal experts are including wastewater energy

Two high-rise multi-family apartment buildings in the Bronx will pioneer the first-ever geothermal/wastewater heat recovery system to provide 100% of the heating, hot water and cooling load for 316 affordable housing units in two 20-story multi-family towers.

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