The opportunity of wastewater in clean Energy Stocks

The clean energy and carbon reduction business is about to go through the roof, and SHARC is well-positioned as an industry leader.

We utilize wastewater energy to supplement both heating and cooling, thereby reducing costs & carbon emissions for buildings of all sizes and even city districts.

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Why Invest in SHARC Energy (SHRC)?

The world’s main focus is on finding clean energy options for reducing carbon and wastewater is still “under the radar” – invest early on one of the best renewable clean energy stocks!

wastewater should be your next renewable energy stock!

When you weigh your investment options for clean energy stocks, consider the global impact and upside that wastewater could have once discovered & utilized around the world.

SHARC Energy is at the forefront of wastewater energy management.

Proven results & track record

10 years of R&D and more than 20 happy international customers.

Increased Green Legislation

Countries around the world are enforcing stricter carbon reduction laws, with more coming!

Increasing Carbon Taxes

There are real financial incentives to do something about carbon reduction.

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Hanspaul Pannu - CFO

Hanspaul Pannu

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Investor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shares of SHARC Energy are traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) under the Symbol SHRC. Also, Shares are traded on the US OTCQB Market under the symbol INTWF and the Frankfurt (FSE) exchange under the symbol IWIA

No, Shares must be purchased through a licensed brokerage firm or trading platform.

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