How It Works: Wastewater energy & Recovering


Wastewater energy down the Drain

wastewater energy scheme to sewer

Every day, we spend money to heat water that gets wastefully dumped down the drain. 

Worse yet, we then spend more energy heating cold water – we need to stop this senseless cycle of waste!

Most people don’t even think about this waste, and are often surprised to hear there is a solution.


PIRANHA recovering heat from wastewater

PIRANHA recovers heat from wastewater scheme

A SHARC (or PIRANHA, depending on your needs) is installed where wastewater exits, extracting & transferring heat to/from wastewater to supplement your heating & cooling needs.

By pre-heating the water fed to your hot water tank/boiler, it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat the water and a tremendous amount of energy, money & GHG is saved.

The PIRANHA HC model can also simultaneously supplement your cooling! Find out more.

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