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Get into a lot of Hot Water?

All Brewers do!

SHARC makes smarter use of your brewery hot water system

Water is used in every step of the brewing process, and heating it is an investment that you don’t want going down the drain.

Between brewing and heating huge volumes of water for cleaning, hot water is a big part of everyday operations & expense.

SHARC’s proven system intelligently reclaims heat that would have otherwise gone to waste, recycling it back to reduce costs, energy consumption & greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Recycle heat from equipment cleaning

SHARC effectively recycles heat from everyday cleaning tasks such as washing down the floors, cleaning tanks, sanitizing product pathways and fermentation vessels.

Optimize Wastewater Disposal

SHARC reduces outflowing wastewater temperatures to help make it safer for environmental discharge and/or municipal water treatment.

Futureproof your Brewery

SHARC increases sustainability & value of facilities by adhering to tomorrows demanding sustainability standards, today.

Save Energy

Reduce the use of energy and fresh water for cooling towers, while making the most of energy-intensive operations like boiling mash, sparging or cleaning & sanitizing.

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