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District Energy

False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU)

District level wastewater filtering

Vancouver, BC

False Creek NEU, established in 2010, is a forward-thinking district energy system providing heating and hot water services to a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings in Vancouver, Canada. 

The NEU has expanded by over 300% since its inception and currently aims to deliver 70% of its energy from renewable sources. 

In March 2017, two SHARC 880 wastewater filtration units were installed at False Creek NEU on a trial basis, and by December 2019, the City of Vancouver agreed to lease the SHARC Energy wastewater filtration system for a 12-month period.

The Energy Centre at False Creek NEU operates 3.2 megawatts of sewage heat recovery capacity, serving an area of 395,000 m2 (4.2M ft2). 

The SHARC Series installation effectively captures latent heat from sewage using a heat pump process at the False Creek Energy Centre, located under the Cambie Bridge.

The False Creek NEU Expansion Project aims to increase the capacity from 3.2 MW to 9.8 MW, making it the largest wastewater energy (WET) system in North America. This expansion will serve over 1,900,000 square meters of new development in Southeast False Creek, Mount Pleasant, the False Creek Flats, and Northeast False Creek, resulting in an additional carbon reduction of 4,400 tonnes per year.

Upon completion in 2023, the NEU expansion will include the installation of an additional 6.6 megawatts of sewage heat recovery equipment, increasing the number of SHARC Series installations from 4 to 9. This development aligns with the NEU’s goal to achieve zero emissions energy for all buildings served by the system and transition to 100% renewable energy before 2030.

False Creek NEU Expansion Project and Its Impact

Customer Highlights

Product Installed Project Type Project Size Commissioned Developer Engineer Architect
2x SHARC 880 Systems District Energy 395,000 m2
(4.2M ft2)
March 2017 City of Vancouver City of Vancouver City of Vancouver

District Energy and Wastewater Energy

Wastewater energy works in tandem with district energy loops, creating a highly efficient and sustainable energy solution. The SHARC Series system connects directly to the loop via a heat exchanger, where wastewater energy serves as a thermal buffer, stabilizing the peak temperature of the loop, reducing the load, and optimizing the energy in district energy loops.

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