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National Western Center

Denver, CA

The National Western Center (NWC) represents a pioneering step in sustainable energy use and environmental stewardship. 

Commissioned in January 2022, this project is North America’s largest District Energy wastewater recovery system, showcasing an innovative approach to energy management. 

The system processes approximately 3,000 gallons per minute of untreated wastewater, utilizing two SHARC 880 unitsThe units, with a design capacity for up to 4.6MW, play a crucial role in the 3.8 MW district energy system, providing a robust and reliable source for the onsite heat pump. 

This system remarkably covers 90% of the heating and cooling needs for over 1 million square feet of indoor space at NWC. 

The system has led to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, estimated at around 2,600 metric tons CO2e/year, by avoiding the use of fossil fuels. 

District Energy / Thermal Energy Network (TEN)

Project Overview

Product Installed Project Type Project Size Commissioned Developer Engineer Architect
2x SHARC 880 System District Energy >1M sq ft April 2022 National Western Center - -
  • Launched in January 2022 as part of Denver’s Climate Action Plan.
  • Utilizes two SHARC 880 units for wastewater energy recovery.
  • Filters 3,000 GPM of wastewater, providing energy for heating and cooling.
  • Supplies 90% of the energy needs for 1 million sq ft of space.

Specs & Performance

Application Filtered Wastewater Flowrate (GPM) Heating/Cooling Ratio Design Energy Transfer (MBH) Design Energy Transferred (MMBTU/year) Heating Cooling
Baseline Baseline Efficiency Baseline Alternate Baseline Alternate Efficiency
DHW 3,000 100% / 0% 19,750 19,750,000 Natural Gas 85% - -
Heating (DHW) Cooling
Natural gas avoided (therm/year) GHG equivalent (metric t CO2e/year) Approximate Impact Estimated water use reduction (gal/year) Evaporation reduction from cooling tower (gal/year) Blowdown reduction from cooling tower (gal/year)
Cars off Road Tree Offsetting CO2e
- - - - - - -

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