leləm̓ living

residential complex leləm̓ life

District Energy / Mixed-Use Residential leləm̓ living A masterplanned community using SHARC District Energy WET system Vancouver, BC leləm̓ Village is leading the way in sustainability by utilizing wastewater energy for their Passive Energy Loop (PEL).  The development’s heating and cooling needs are met by utilizing a SHARC WET (wastewater energy transfer) system as part […]

False Creek

False Creek Neighborhood energy utility

District Energy False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU) District level wastewater filtering Vancouver, BC False Creek NEU, established in 2010, is a forward-thinking district energy system providing heating and hot water services to a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings in Vancouver, Canada.  The NEU has expanded by over 300% since its inception and […]

Wall Centre Central Park, Phase 2

wall center central park

Multi-Family Residential Wall Centre, Phase 2 LEED® Gold Certified Central Park Vancouver, CA Wall Centre Central Park is a two-phase real estate development that showcases both SHARC and PIRANHA technology. Phase 1 uses SHARC 660 system. Phase 2 contains 332 residential units and two PIRANHA T10 units. Phase 2 reduces CO2 emissions by 116 t CO2e/year. Product PIRANHA […]

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