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Multi-Family Residential

Wall Centre, Phase 1

Central Park Vancouver, CA

Wall Centre Central Park is a two-phase real estate development showcasing both PIRANHA & SHARC technology.

Each phase incorporates a wastewater heat recovery system, sized to provide approximately 30% of the water heating load at high efficiencies.

Phase 1 uses a a SHARC 660 system to recover heat for over 728 residential units.

Phase 2 uses PIRANHA technology.

Phase 1 reduces emissions by 260 t CO2e/year.

Site Info
Product Installed Project Type Project Size Commissioned Developer Engineer Architect
SHARC 660 System Multi-Family Residential 728 Units August 2018 Wall Financial Corporation Sterling Cooper Consultants GBL Architects
Application Filtered Wastewater Flowrate (GPM) Heating/Cooling Ratio Design Energy Transfer (MBH) Design Energy Transferred (MMBTU/year) Heating Cooling
Baseline Baseline Efficiency Baseline Alternate Baseline Alternate Efficiency
DHW 100 100% / 0% 300 4,073 Natural Gas 85% - -
Heating (DHW) Cooling
Natural gas avoided (therm/year) GHG equivalent (metric t CO2e/year) Approximate Impact Estimated water use reduction (gal/year) Evaporation reduction from cooling tower (gal/year) Blowdown reduction from cooling tower (gal/year)
Cars off Road Tree Offsetting CO2e
47,920 259 56.3 11,773 - - -

Quick Facts

  • Filters the wastewater before it passes through a heat exchanger that feeds a process loop
  • Acts as a source for a Colmac HPW24M heat pump. 
  • The heat pump is designed to provide continuous hot water at a setpoint of 120°F.

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