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Multi-Family Residential

Wall Centre, Phase 2

LEED® Gold Certified

Central Park Vancouver, CA

Wall Centre Central Park is a two-phase real estate development that showcases both SHARC and PIRANHA technology.

Phase 1 uses SHARC 660 system.

Phase 2 contains 332 residential units and two PIRANHA T10 units.

Phase 2 reduces CO2 emissions by 116 t CO2e/year.

Product PIRANHA T10
Commissioned 2012
Developer Wall Financial
Architect -
Engineer -

Customer Stats

Solution Building Size Max DHW Temp DHW Load Energy Reduction CO2e Emission Reduction Average Efficiency (CoP)
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Quick Facts

  • Two PIRANHA T10 modules operating in parallel
  • 20 tons’ total heat output
  • Each module houses a specialized heat pump, serving as a batch-reactor type wastewater heat recovery unit.

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