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PIRANHA Multi-Family Use Case Study

EPRI & Incubatenergy® Labs

Energy Utility validates PIRANHA CO2 & cost reduction

SHARC Energy Systems was selected by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and a collaborative of utilities as one of the top 10 companies in the Incubatenergy Labs Challenge to participate in a significant clean energy pilot demonstration for several substantial Energy Utility companies in the US.

The project objective was to assess the PIRANHA HC system performance, the impact on facility energy use, GHG emissions, and its cost-effectiveness as an energy and load resource for supply utilities.

The Incubatenergy Labs challenge, run by EPRI, chose 10 companies, including SHARC, from more than 130 applicants, to scope and execute paid demonstration projects with utilities, as part of the 2020 challenge cohort.

A PIRANHA™ T10 HC, with a heat capacity of 120,000 Btu/h, was installed at Seven35 building, North Vancouver, to heat domestic hot water by re-using energy contained in wastewater that would otherwise be lost down the drain. The PIRANHA™ HC model bundles cooling capabilities for simultaneous domestic hot water production and air conditioning.

The study was performed in phases, where the domestic hot water load was increased progressively at the percentages of 50%, 75%, and 100%.

The A/C system operation was performed in the last phases, with 75% and 100% load.

To demonstrate the functionality and performance of the new PIRANHA HC over a 3-month period in a 65-unit apartment building in Vancouver, Canada.

Research questions include:

  • What is the daily Coefficient of Performance (COP)?
  • What are the GHG emissions savings?
  • What are the sizing constraints?
  • Can the electric load be shifted to off-peak hours?

Incubatenergy Labs Outcomes

Watch Lynn Mueller, CEO of SHARC unveil the impressive results of the EPRI 12-week pilot project at Seven35 at the Incubatenergy® Labs Demo Day on Oct 14, 2020.

Energy Utility validated CO2 reduction

PIRANHA demonstrates how wastewater heat recovery plays an essential role in reducing CO2 around the globe.

Project Collaborators

The Results

Validated: PIRANHA provides significant CO2 reduction & energy savings using wastewater

PIRANHA T10 HC could produce 100% of the hot water at 140° F, with an average CoP of 3.7.
Almost 100% reduction in GHG emissions and savings of nearly 60,000 tonnes of ice melting during the lifetime.
The PIRANHA system enabled 60% saving in energy cost compared to the gas boiler, which can be enhanced by its capacity to shift the peak load due to the 878 gallons of hot water storage capacity.
Compared to its competitors’, PIRANHA has higher yearly energy efficiency and longer life expectancy, with no noise issues and no need for defrosting. This study proves that PIRANHA T10 HC should be part of future integrated strategic plans to reduce carbon emissions in all cities.
  • PIRANHA T10 HC can produce 100% of the hot water at 140°F

  • CoP over 3.5 throughout the project term

  • Similar performance using both refrigerants (R513A x R134A)

  • Almost 100% reduction in GHG emission compared to the gas boiler

  • 60% cut in the Global Warming Potential(GWP) due to the refrigerant

  • 60% saving in energy cost compared to the gas boiler

  • Savings of almost 60,000 tonnes of ice melting during the lifetime

  • Sustainable peak load shifting due to the 878 gallons of hot water storage capacity

  • Much lower lifecycle cost than the competitors’

  • High efficiency in a broad extension of outdoor air temperatures

  • Yearly energy efficiency better than the competitors’ in major Canadian and American cities

  • No noise issues

  • High customer acceptance

SHARC's presentation to EPRI

Oct 14, 2020 at the Incubatenergy Labs Demo Day, Lynn Mueller, Matt Wardlow & Elisa Kimus officially presented the full results of the 12-week pilot project to the stakeholders at EPRI.

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