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On March 17, 2021 there was a live YouTube broadcast of the US House Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing regarding using Clean Energy for the Future.

Check out the excitement and interest they show regarding using wastewater for their respective cities, including referencing SHARC Customers by name.

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Shortlist of key wastewater conversations:

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13:17 – 17:30Pat Choate is an economist and policy strategist. He introduces the concept of Sewage Heat recovery to the Subcommittee on Energy & Water Development.

33:33  – Marcie Kaptur asks Pat Choate about how this new technology is creating new source of revenue for City, Water & Sewer Authorities.

34:04 – Pat Choate references SHARC Customer DC water, referencing the huge energy savings (~$100k/year, 1.5M gallons per year) they learned about when Marcy Kaptur toured DC  water.

37:06 – Pat Choate references how sewage heat recovery would generate major revenue for the city.

1:14:15 – Congresswoman Susie Lee from Nevada asks Pat Choate questions regarding using wastewater for space cooling

1:15:44 – Pat Choate references SHARC customer City of Vancouver

1:16:05 – Pat references City of Seattle King County

1:16:35 – Pat speaks about the opportunity to cut the cost of heating & cooling up to 70% by retrofitting old buildings

1:16:44 – Pat references SHARC Customer DC water and increasing efficiencies of new buildings by up to 30%, getting to zero emissions

1:17:01 – Pat states “this is a wonderful opportunity”, “I’m convinced this technology is going to be adopted world wide” and “there will need to be tens of thousands of units manufactured”

1:17:37 – Pat references SHARC extracting heat from existing infrastructure, saying “all we need is that connection, this device to pull it out”

1:50:39 – Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Colemen states her interest for wastewater heat recovery and “How do we make this happen.”

1:50:53 – Pat Choate references SHARC, says “what we need is to scale that up dramatically” and “the cost savings to cities are phenomenal

1:51:45 – Pat says “the savings are phenomenal on the fresh water” and talks about how important fresh water conservation is.

1:51:49 – Pat talks about how SHARC gets people to Net Zero

1:52:06 – Pat says “I think this should be a priority”

1:52:08 – Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Colemen states “I do as well” and continues to say about the city of Trenton in her district of New Jersey “I’d like to make sure that my capital city becomes a positive target for reinventing itself in this new clean energy field.”

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