DC Water Administrative Building

The Greenest building in North America

Washington, DC

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) provides drinking water, sewage collection and sewage treatment in Washington, D.C.

The building is designed to LEED® Platinum Class A standards and is the greenest building in North America.

This SHARC system provides the 151,300 ft2 building with source energy for a combination of heating, air conditioning and water heating.

Feb 2021 Awarded LEED Platinum

Customer Highlights

Site Info
Product Installed Project Type Project Size Commissioned Developer Engineer Architect
SHARC 660 System Commercial 151,300 ft2 August 2018 DC Water Smithgroup Smithgroup
Application Filtered Wastewater Flowrate (GPM) Heating/Cooling Ratio % Design Energy Transfer (MBH) Design Energy Transferred (MMBTU/year) Heating Cooling
Baseline Baseline Efficiency Baseline Alternate Baseline Alternate Efficiency
Heating/Cooling 250 3.3% / 96.7% Summer: 2,540 Winter: 1,653 6,712 Natural Gas 95% Cooling Tower -
Heating (DHW) Cooling
Natural gas avoided (therm/year) GHG equivalent (metric t CO2e/year) Approximate Impact Estimated water use reduction (gal/year) Evaporation reduction from cooling tower (gal/year) Blowdown reduction from cooling tower (gal/year)
Cars off Road Tree Offsetting CO2e
2,320 12.6 2.7 573 1.5 M 1.0 M 0.5 M

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