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LeBreton Flats Wastewater Energy Transfer Study (OCAF Public)

March 31, 2023

This comprehensive study, spearheaded by Envari Energy Solutions and Theia Partners and funded by the Ottawa Climate Action Fund, serves as an unbiased third-party assessment of Wastewater Energy Transfer (WET) technologies. The study focuses on a new 600,000 ft² residential development at the Library Parcel in LeBreton Flats, Ottawa, and aims to identify the most viable low-carbon heating and cooling solutions.

The study evaluates two leading WET technologies in the Canadian market: SHARC Energy Systems and Huber Technology. While both technologies were considered, the study reveals several areas where SHARC’s technology outperforms Huber:

  1. Efficiency: SHARC’s system is designed to require less total flow to exchange a given amount of heat, making it highly efficient. In contrast, Huber’s system demands higher flow rates, which could be a limitation in flow-constrained environments.
  2. Compact Design: SHARC’s technology is more compact, allowing for easier integration into various types of infrastructure. Huber’s system, on the other hand, requires more space, potentially complicating installation & costs.
  3. Operational Robustness: SHARC’s system is noted for its operational efficiency and lower maintenance requirements, offering a more reliable and cost-effective solution. Huber’s technology, while robust, has higher maintenance demands, increasing long-term operational costs.

The study concludes that SHARC’s technology can reliably meet or exceed a flow of 365L/s, supporting 6MW to 7.5MW of connected load—approximately three times the 2.25MW requirement for the proposed development.

This neutral third-party assessment not only validates the effectiveness of SHARC’s technology but also highlights its superiority over Huber Technology, particularly in terms of efficiency, design, and operational costs. SHARC emerges as the compelling choice for future sustainable developments, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

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