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Our Story

What drives the company & staff at SHARC? 

We believe that we can make a difference.

Save the planet, one liter at a time.

We live in a moment when responsible energy use is essential to business, people and the planet.

Yet every second of every day we let massive amounts of energy & money go down the drain in the form of wastewater that is one of the world’s most abundant energy resources.

We’re fixing that.

Recover energy, money & GHG

Efficiently recover the energy from wastewater in buildings and sewer systems and reuse it for heating and air conditioning.

We want to create major energy & cost savings for businesses, people and the planet.​

Help the world use energy better

We want to bring awareness of wastewater heat recovery to the world, helping people use less energy every day and dramatically reduce energy waste & GHG emissions.​

Beauty in simplicity

SHARC’s approach is to always make things efficient, easily installed and scalable.

Our engineering team designs products that are reliable and built to last.

Make it better,
every day

We seek continuous improvement in every thing we do, every day.

There’s always room to improve towards making ourselves a world class organization & product.

We’ve spent more than a decade perfecting our technology, and frankly, we’ll never be done.​

Create consistent value

Wastewater is one of the most reliable renewable energy sources.

Unlike wind and solar, which are dependent on weather conditions, wastewater is everywhere, ready to be used any time, in any climate.​

Company Timeline


The Founding

Founded by HVAC & geo-exchange engineering professionals Daryle Anderson & Lynn Mueller, after they recognized the untapped potential & benefit of wastewater heat recovery.



Research & Development Mode

Hardcore wastewater heat recovery R&D leads to many iterations & designs, each one better than the last.



First SHARC Installation

First SHARC customer installation! 

SHARC applies for first patent.



Initial Recognition

  • 2016 AHR Green Building Product of the Year
  • 2016 ARI Green Building Product of the Year Award
  • 2016 Clean 50 Induction: Lynn Mueller


Then More

  • 2017 Green Gown Award for Innovation
  • 2017 Scottish Renewable Energy Innovation Award


Technology Perfected

  • 2018 Water Canada Company of the Year
  • 2018 Water Canada Project/Technology of the Year
  • 2018 Water Canada People/Private Sector, Organization of the Year
  • 2018 Manning Innovation Award Nominee


Transition to Commercialization

Put significant investment & strategy towards business development, building the right team and execution plan to bring SHARC to the world.



Poised for Growth

Opportunities abound with increasing green conscience and scrutiny of resource consumption.

New green laws mandating eco-compliance are the norm and SHARC has a leadership position in this new category of clean energy options.


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