SHARC makes waves in Scandinavia with new distribution partner


SHARC Energy Systems has signed a distributor agreement with Stockholm-based WindForss Energy AB, awarding them exclusive marketing and distribution rights across the Nordic region, in its first move to extend sales and marketing activity into Europe.

WindForss Energy AB, owned by Windborne International and the Swedish property and energy investment company, Forsinvest, designs, installs and manages sustainable energy solutions, which embrace geoenergy, solar energy and bio energy.

Russ Burton, CEO of SHARC Energy Systems, commented, “Finding the right partner is key to our growth plans. With our flagship UK installation underway, and a number of further UK projects in the pipeline, we were able to pursue the European market as the next area to expand into. The Nordic region is a key strategic market to enable our next stage of growth. To do this, it was important to identify a distribution partner with clear synergies to SHARC to help us to develop and grow our presence in Europe.”

He continues, “WindForss Energy is a natural partner as the SHARC system offers them an alternative to or complements their existing ground source heating and cooling (GSHC) solutions. Where the available wastewater does not cover the entire energy needs of a project, the SHARC solution can be complemented by GSHC. In reciprocation, the SHARC system can complement a GSHC system by introducing access to a further sustainable and cost-effective energy resource.”

WindForss Energy AB offers turnkey ground source heating and cooling solutions, which can be further improved by the introduction of SHARC solutions where thermal energy in wastewater and sewage can significantly enhance the GSHC solution.

Robert Windborne-Brown, Chairman of The Windborne International Group, added, “The collaboration with SHARC Energy Systems enables us to significantly enhance our ability to offer property owners, utilities and process industries a sustainable energy solution by utilising the latent thermal energy in untreated and treated domestic and process waste water.  It also provides an eminent complement to our ground source energy solutions by giving us access to a relatively high temperature, cost competitive and sustainable energy resource which would otherwise have gone to waste.”

He concludes, “SHARC comes at a time when the World is looking for means of gaining access to and deploying all forms of sustainable energy. Reducing energy losses (through energy recycling) is a vital component in this process. Making a move towards a combustion-free energy society is central to the ambitions of both SHARC and WindForss Energy and, for that reason alone, the combining of our resources makes good commercial and environmental sense. The SHARC Energy System has been met with enormous enthusiasm on the Nordic market and the prospects for our collaboration look very promising.“

The agreement, which was signed this month, will enable WindForss Energy AB to carry out marketing, sales and delivery of SHARC technology and associated projects across the Nordic region.

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