Article as in Renewables & Environment: A Canadian provider of sewage and waste water heat is bringing its unique renewable energy technology to Europe by setting up a UK subsidiary based in Nottingham.

International Wastewater Heat Exchange Systems (IWHES), based in Vancouver, has formed the new company IWWS (UK), which will trade in the UK and Europe as SHARC Energy Systems.

The Nottingham base will be SHARC Energy Systems’ UK and European operational headquarters.

Russ Burton has been appointed CEO and takes an equity share together with Ian Craft and Steve Clarges. Burton is a Chartered Surveyor and was formerly Director of Property Management for Enterprise Inns.

SHARC Energy Systems will specialise in sewage and waste water heat recovery systems that deliver a sustainable energy source to public and private sector commercial and multi-occupancy residential buildings, either as a new build or retrofit installation.

The deal to set up and structure SHARC Energy Systems has been managed by Tom Mawhood of Turning Point UK. Mahwood says: “This is an exciting new opportunity for Nottingham and Russ Burton as its CEO. IWHES Canada is established as a leader in the development and installation of renewable energy systems that utilise the very latest in environmental technology. Not only does this investment introduce a pioneering new renewable technology in to the UK and Europe, but it also brings the opportunity for manufacturing jobs too. There is a strong team behind it and the real opportunity to create a high growth company.

“Its credentials and an impressive portfolio of existing customers prove the viability and pedigree of this technology, and this is an exciting new company for Nottingham.”

Burton adds: “SHARC Energy is set to play a significant role in bringing leading sewage waste water heat recovery systems to the UK. We have plans to build a dedicated manufacturing base in Nottingham and create at least ten skilled jobs.”

Duncan James of Shakespeares acted on behalf of IWWS (UK), and Tom Gray of Actons advised the incoming investors of the new company. MA Chartered Accountants are providing financial support to IWWS (UK).


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