Sewage-to-heat not to be sniffed at as firm heads to UK with jobs

A CANADIAN energy firm is coming to Nottingham and taking technology where others fear to tread.

SHARC Energy Systems will be taking the stuff that goes down the sewage pipe in factories, offices and flats and turning it into alternative energy.

And it’s chosen Beeston as the location for its new UK and European headquarters.

SHARC, which is owned by a business based in Vancouver, Canada, says it may even set up a manufacturing plant in the area – which could ultimately create up to 20 jobs.

SHARC’s system takes raw sewage, treats and cleans it and uses it to create heat.

The firm’s bosses claim the system is particularly suited to large premises where there are lots of people – such as hospitals, schools, student flats, leisure centres and shopping centres. SHARC will be based at Broadgate House, Broadgate, Beeston. Its presence in Notts will be launched next week with an event at Nottingham Trent University.

Russ Burton has been appointed chief executive of the UK operation and takes a stake in the business, together with Ian Craft and Steve Clarges. Russ is a chartered surveyor and was formerly director of property management for Enterprise Inns.

He said: “The SHARC Energy waste water technology utilises a unique clog-proof raw sewage filtration system and heat exchange technology that conducts the heat from untreated wastewater.

“Nottingham is identified as the ideal central location for the UK and European operations for the company.

“We have plans to create a dedicated manufacturing plant here, creating skilled jobs in the region, too.

“The company will be a flagship alternative energy organisation for the region and the UK, which can only be good news for Nottingham and the East Midlands as a whole.”

Mr Burton says the system will be of interest to property owners and people who manage buildings as well as property developers, construction companies, major house builders and renewable energy organisations.

He added: “Natural resources are steadily depleting, with more than 60 per cent of the world in fuel poverty.

“It is imperative an alternative to the traditional fuels is embraced as we face ‘Carbon Crunch’ which is set to be one of the biggest challenges of our generation. The SHARC Energy system is a highly realistic alternative energy source that is ideal for both new-build projects and retro-fits and uses this almost endless source of alternative, renewable energy for a buildings’ heating and hot water needs.”

SHARC – which stands for Sewage Heat and ReCovery – is part of International Wastewater Systems. Lynn Mueller, president of IWHES. said: “We have completed a number of key projects in Canada which are delivering some excellent results. We recognise the parallels in the UK and Europe and the opportunity to launch through what amounts to a joint venture company together with the local management, is very exciting.”

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