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The technology behind the heat recovery system introduced in the UK by new company SHARC Energy Systems, presents a ‘massive opportunity to save energy that would otherwise simply go down the drain’, according to its CEO Russ Burton.

The company held its UK launch in Nottingham, the base for its European head office, on Tuesday 3rd June. The event, at The Old Chemistry Theatre, Nottingham Trent University, had Councillor Graham Chapman, Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council, as special guest.

Speaking at the launch, Russ Burton explained: “SHARC is pioneering the introduction of environmentally-friendly solutions for heating, cooling and hot water.

“The Green Agenda is huge and we all need to make an effort to change and try something new, by being open to adopting different technologies for heat recovery, to maximise energy efficiency with environmentally-friendly solutions.

“On average, sewage from buildings has a temperature of 21 degrees C. Capturing just half of this and turning it into useable heat and building energy will make a significant difference to the way we consume natural gas and other fuel sources.

“The SHARC Energy Systems’ technology is ground-breaking in the renewable heat field,” he added. “It harnesses and drives the heat generated by waste water and sewage and recycles the waste heat from it for use elsewhere. The system is simple and utilises a unique clog-proof raw sewage filtration system and heat exchange technology that conducts the heat from untreated wastewater. It can be deployed on a broad range of building types where there are a large number of people, so is ideal for hospitals, schools, student accommodation, leisure centres, retail developments, shopping centres and multi-site and occupancy residential developments, whether as a new build or retrofit installation.”

Nottingham City Council has already identified the importance of the city’s newest company, as its Head of Energy Services Gail Scholes explained: “The way forward for the whole energy agenda is to look at the range of complementary systems and technology that is going to see us through for the next thirty to fifty years. Heat recovery is an important part of our future energy infrastructure and something we will be implementing.”

SHARC is pioneering the introduction of the market-leading technology developed by one of Canada’s foremost providers of sustainable alternative energy source systems, International Wastewater Systems Heat Exchange Systems Inc.(IWHES), whose CEO Lynn Mueller was guest speaker at SHARC’s launch. The IWHES system is unique and the first Sewage Heat recovery system to market in Canada, where the company is voted as one of the top 10 companies to watch in 2014. SHARC Energy Systems is the trading name of IWWS (UK) Limited.

“Natural resources are steadily depleting with more than sixty percent of the world in fuel poverty, and the ‘Carbon Crunch’ is set to be one of the biggest challenges of our generation,” added Russ. “Our system is a highly realistic alternative energy source that uses an almost endless source of alternative, renewable energy for a buildings’ heating and hot water needs that would otherwise go down the drain. Property owners, their CSR teams and Facilities Managers, developers, construction companies, house builders, and representatives of environmental and renewable energy companies and organisations have already expressed an interest in our system.”

SHARC revealed plans to build its own dedicated manufacturing base in Nottingham within the next 18 months and expects to create up to twenty jobs by 2016. Initially, manufacturing in the UK is licensed to Flowmech Products in Leicester.

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