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Heat Your water using recycled energy

Reduce costs & CO2 using wastewater

Satisfy your Domestic Hot Water needs & reduce CO2 emissions by using the forgotten energy of wastewater!

Talk to us about utilizing building wastewater for heating & cooling!

Why install Wastewater Heat Recovery in your building?


Supplement both your heating and cooling simultaneously, using the energy of wastewater!

RECYCLE energy & REDUCE CO2 all year round

Energy from wastewater is consistent throughout the year, regardless of weather.


INCREASEd Sustainability appeal

Modern consumers care about sustainability and making smart energy decisions, and they vote with their dollars.

keep your energy inside YOUR BUIDING

Rather than dump it down the drain, keep and reuse the bought & paid for energy inside your building!

"Top up" using energy from wastewater

Offload other energy production by using recycled energy to “top up” and overall reduce production needed.

Install it & forget it

Our systems are low maintenance, odor free and operate quietly so that you forget they’re there while they keep churning out value.

Futureproof your building, property or district

Get ahead of the Carbon Tax!

The BC Carbon Tax will be $170/tonne by 2030 – do you know how this will impact you? We can help you find out!

Smarter & Better Energy tracking

We integrate with smart building systems (DDC/BMS) to provide more data & energy visibility so you can make better decisions.

Reduce Peak Energy Load requirementrs

Wastewater energy recovery reduces the peak load needed from other equipment, reducing capital requirements.

Become Net Zero with wastewater

Wastewater is a forgotten goldmine of impactful sustainability savings – achieve Net Zero by including it!

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Get FortisBC Clean Energy rebates to cover up to 100% of energy study costs!

The FortisBC Rebate will provide additional funding of up to 100% of the energy-study costs.

Contact Us and we can help you get your rebate submitted quickly!

Who benefits from Wastewater Based heating & Cooling?

Facilities & Property Management

building manager

Low maintenance & operating costs, it just works in the background


strata councils

Residents love when sustainability & cost reduction meet

Real Estate Investment Trusts

real estate investment trusts

Add value to properties or entire districts

Why SHARC Energy?

Canadian Engineered, North American produced

Canadian Engineered in Port Coquitlam & manufactured in both BC and Bellingham, Washington.

We are BC Clean Energy Rebate Experts

We help you find applicable rebates and clean energy tax incentives – Contact Us to find out more!

We're a BOMA member

SHARC is a BC Building Owners & Managers Assocation member, dedicated to advancing sustainability in commercial & multi-family residential real estate.

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Let's build a better future together.

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