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A masterplanned community imbued with the meaning of home

Vancouver, BC

A 21.44-acre master-planned community, surrounded by forest and trails in Pacific Spirit Park. The community of 1,250 homes has gathering spaces, public amenities, and natural elements at its heart.

Situated on the western edge of the City of Vancouver, the 22-acre lelәm development is bounded by the University Golf Course, Pacific Spirit Park, and the University of British Columbia. 

The development’s heating and cooling needs are met by utilizing a low-carbon wastewater energy exchange system as part of a centralized energy facility. 

The project’s wastewater collects and passes through the system, allowing for the reuse of thermal energy that would otherwise be lost to the sewer lines. By using wastewater as an energy source, the project significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces the community’s carbon emissions for its lifetime. 

The development is consistent with the recommendations of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which has identified low-carbon district energy systems as a best practice for addressing the global climate challenge. The report states a transition to such systems, combined with energy efficiency measures, could contribute as much as 58 percent of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions required in the energy sector by 2050 to keep global temperature rise to within 2-3 degrees Celsius. 

District energy systems utilizing wastewater energy like the lelәm project will benefit from significant carbon savings, energy efficiency and freshwater savings compared to current standards. 

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