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Food Processing

Wastewater Energy Transfer for Food Producers

Recover the energy of process & waste water!

SHARC & PIRANHA systems make intelligent, sustainable use of energy that you’d otherwise be pouring down the drain.

Whether it’s process or waste water, there are often huge unaddressed carbon & energy savings opportunities just by harnessing the often ignored power of wastewater!

Accelerate your sustainability goals with Wastewater Energy Transfer (WET)

Reduce Water Use

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Our SHARC & PIRANHA units have a substantial impact on water savings by reducing Cooling Tower load.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

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Waste & process water is a highly impactful source of carbon reduction that is largely ignored by most sustainability plans.

Save Natural Gas

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Offset your natural gas boilers with the energy recovered from wastewater!

Reduce Energy

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SHARC & PIRANHA have proven ROI and has a strong business case when factoring in future carbon taxes.

Futureproof your facilities against carbon taxes!

There are many unexpected ways that wastewater energy can make an impact on sustainability & operational costs.

Contact Us to get in touch with our network of experts that can assess the potential impact that implementing a wastewater energy strategy to your facility could have.

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