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Reduce carbon emissions using the forgotten power of wastewater!

Why SHARC for Communities?

Arenas, community and aquatics centers are the heart of Canadian communities. They are the places where we gather, grow, learn, and play, but they are also among the highest energy-consuming facilities.

The SHARC for Communities helps Canadian Communities to recover thermal energy from wastewater instead of wastefully dumping it down the drain! 

Save energy, reduce GHG emissions, and do your part by choosing a SHARC, made in Canada climate solution, to reach net-zero by 2050

typical co2 emissions by community buldings

We make Climate Change Action easy for you

Sit back, relax and we’ll do the heavy lifting – check out How We Work


Meet your climate change goals and bring visibility to your community!

How does wastewater heat recovery work?

Our PIRANHA is a commercial-sized electric high efficiency heat pump that recovers the heat from wastewater and uses it to produce hot water and space conditioning. 

Take action on Climate Change

Let SHARC make fighting Climate Change easy for your Community!

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