Save money with Clean Energy Rebates

We help reduce Costs by finding incentives in your area!

There are numerous financial incentives and clean energy rebates available at federal and state/provincial levels to encourage sustainable building.

SHARC provides substantiated GHG savings that you can apply towards any applicable rebate programs in your country, state or province – check our searchable list at the bottom of this page for those we’re aware of/support.

meet the team - Elisa Kimus and Dani Mueller
Meet the Team! Elisa Kimus & Dani Mueller
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How can SHARC help?

We are here to help you find & complete applicable renewable and green energy rebate programs to maximize your investment in SHARC.

Our friendly, expert staff can guide you through the process and help expedite applicable project funding/rebates:

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Custom Assessments

We do the heavy lifting – form filling, making calls and pushing the process forward.

Contact Us and we’ll help fulfill the requirements of all your applicable rebates.

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Standard Rebate Programs

Many clean and renewable energy rebate programs already include wastewater, in which case no Custom Assessment is necessary but their application process still needs to be completed – we help you with that.

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Leasing & Finance Options

Looking to finance the remaining balance not covered by rebates? We have a network of trusted experts across North America.

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