SHARC for Building Designers

Building designers perhaps face no greater challenge than those imposed by the climate crisis. Generally speaking, the emissions from buildings account for approximately 20% of all emissions. Buildings impact on the climate is the problem for designers, yet it is also an opportunity to push the boundaries of  design and take the industry to places that it hasn’t been before.



SHARC Energy helps building designers implement green concepts with our wet energy transfer systems. Our systems recover thermal energy from wastewater instead of wastefully dumping it down the drain!



Save energy, reduce GHG emissions, gain LEED points, and do your part by choosing a SHARC made in Canada climate solution to be apart of the innovation.

Learn More About Our Products

SHARC Series

For serious flow rates and industrial-sized wastewater processing.


An all-in-one powerhouse that simultaneously does heating + cooling.

Quick Facts

  • Low Carbon & Sustainable 
  • Established Concept 
  • Easy Install 
  • Designed for Reliability 
  •  Quiet and Odor Free
  • Cost Effective 

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Why SHARC Energy?

Low Carbon and Sustainable

Established Concept

Our products reduce the consumption of natural gas and their associated carbon emissions!
SHARC Energy is young, but our concept has been trialed and tested in over 20 projects across North America.

Easy Install

Designed for Reliability

Our team will walk you through every step of installation
 Preventive maintenance that effectively prevent failures.

Quiet and Odor Free

Cost Effective

Our system is completely sealed and sound proofed
Through costs savings, SHARC systems literally pay for themselves!

Use the Power of Wastewater in your Design

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