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Our products are unique to our business and use raw sewage as the energy source to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water production for a wide range of building types.

With 10 billion litres of sewage created in the UK every day, waste water is a constant inexhaustible energy source that contains sufficient latent heat to run the heating and cooling requirements of every industrial building in the UK.

It is higher in temperature than most other regenerative energy sources such as well water or geo-exchange, reaching an average temperature of over 21°C (77°F) when exiting buildings.

The unique filtration system adopted and patented by IWHES allows us to separate the solid and wet content of the sewage flow to allow the extraction of sufficient energy for the space conditioning requirements of most buildings.

The SHARC heat recovery system can be used in both the winter, for space and domestic water heating, as well as in summer for efficient operation of air conditioning systems.

The thermo-mechanical methods used in our system are efficient, cost effective, scalable and reliable, providing a truly sustainable, odourless heating and cooling source for a variety of building types.

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SHARC 660 Unit

Sharc Energy systems 660 Unit

Pictured is a CAD of the SHARC 660 UK Unit boasting an impressive 703 KW energy Capacity.

View the range below:

Equipment Energy Capacity
SHARC 440 462 KW
SHARC 660 703 KW
SHARC 880 937 KW
SHARC 1010 1,172 KW


System in Operation

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