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Previous Projects:

Borders College, Galashiels, Scotland

Backed b_87103639_3.dpx_151208_bc_sharc_095y investment from Equitix and the UK Green Investment Bank, the SHARC heat recovery system intercepts waste water from a sewer close to the local treatment works operated by Scottish Water.

The system uses a heat pump to amplify the natural warmth of waste water and the heat produced is being sold to Borders College under a 20-year purchase agreement, producing savings in energy, costs and carbon emissions.

The system now provides around 95% of the heat needed by the Galashiels Campus and does not impact on the normal operation of the local waste water network. Technical Presenter

Sechelt Water Resource Centre, Sechelt BC, Canada

Seven35 Building, North Vancouver, Canada

Developed by Adera Developments, the Seven35 Building, situated on the north shores of Vancouver, offers a variety of features designed to uphold a deep commitment to sustainability. This multi-award winning development consists of 60 urban-stacked town homes and was the site for the first installation of the SHARC sewage heat recovery system. The SHARC sewage heat recovery system recycles the heat from the raw sewage before it exits the building to the municipal sewer line.

The average water usage per town home is 250 gallons per day at an average exiting temperature of 20°C (68°F).

The SHARC system has FHP heat pumps with double walled, vented heat exchangers that recover waste heat from the exiting raw sewage and moves that heat into 6-120 gallon DHW storage tanks.

In the Seven35 Building, flow meters, temperature sensors and electrical meters were installed throughout the sewage heat recovery system in order to monitor and log both the system operation and the amount of energy used and recovered by the SHARC system.

The Gateway Theatre, Richmond, BC, Canada

gateway-theatreThe Gateway Theatre project in Vancouver, completed in 2012 is a 50,000 sq ft multi-use public theatre facility. As part of the city’s carbon reduction strategy the SHARC system was installed reducing the facilities emissions by 50 tonnes per year. The existing system was an incremental heat pump based system supplied by a boiler and cooling tower using 29 heat pumps. With a design flow of 250 GPM from a city source 1 million btu/ hr are produced. This installation is the first waste water recovery system in a public facility in Canada.

Sail Condominium Project, University of British Columbia, Canada

The Sail project is a new 172-unit condominium project. This is the largest SHARC installation to date and is the highlight of a sustainable community plan at the University British Columbia. The SHARC produces hot water and contributes to heating the building via radiant floor heating. The system generates 220,000 BTU’s per hour, reducing emissions by 100 tonnes per year and operates at 80% efficiency.

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