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Heat Supply Agreement – Frequently Asked Questions

Heat Supply Agreement – Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is the heat energy?

The cost of heat is competitive to current gas costs once offset by the energy savings you gain, reduced maintenance & life cycle replacement costs of existing equipment.

Heat tariffs are agreed with clients to create a competitive whole life cost; in an ever-increasing fossil fuel market, this can only be of benefit to you, giving you price certainty.

What is the length of a Heat Sale Agreement?

Our standard agreement length is 20 years though we are happy to negotiate this with clients should they wish for longer term certainty.

What standards of operation does the SHARC system operate to?

Our systems are fully compliant with CIBSE guidelines surrounding the operation of water sourced heat pumps, specifically the CP2 (2016) Codes of Practice.

What happens if there is an issue with the system?

Due to our constant system monitoring we are able to identify any issues with the system and call upon our reactive maintenance partners to service the system before the issue can affect ongoing performance. We also operate an annual PPM service of the system to replace any wearing parts and to ensure optimal system performance at all times.

What backup to the SHARC system is there?

During a project we will keep the existing heating equipment in tact which will act as a back up to the SHARC system should the client want it to.

Does this mean you’ll be pumping wastewater around my building?

No, absolutely not. That’s a common question but contact with wastewater is always kept securely separate by the SHARC Technology and only used to transfer heat to a heat network through a plate heat exchanger.

What about odour control?

The SHARC system is a fully sealed unit and our energy centres are fitted with carbon scrubbing air filters for periods of maintenance so there is no risk of odours.

Is the wastewater treated?

No. During passage through our filtration system, the solid and liquid contents are separated before being returned back to the sewer. The temperature removed from the wastewater has a negligible effect on the operation of treatment works downline of our systems.

Can Low temperature heat satisfy my building’s demand?

Yes. Our heat pumps are capable of generating temperatures of up to 65°c though lower flow temperatures do offer higher operating efficiencies. At these temperatures, we can flow through existing emitter systems and maintain occupant comfort levels.

Can I buy a SHARC Unit and fit it myself?

No, our technology comes as part of a whole system package through a turnkey solution. By operating this way through continuous monitoring we are able to ensure that our system maintains the highest operating standards throughout the life of a system and Heat Supply Agreement.

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