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Lynn Mueller

Lynn Mueller

CEO & Chairman

With a career in the North American HVAC & geoexchange industries, Lynn was previously President of Water Furnace International and Earth Source Energy Inc. As CEO and business founder, Lynn invented the SHARC wastewater energy exchange technology, which has catapulted SHARC Energy International to a global leader in carbon reduction and energy efficiency.

Under Lynn’s leadership, the SHARC team have converted his concept to reality, building strong working relationships with some of the worlds largest utility companies. Lynn’s passion is Sharc International Systems which is now recovering waste heat from installations on 3 continents and has projects coming in from around the world. As a finalist for the prestigious 2018 EC Manning Innovation Award – Canada’s most prestigious honour for an individual citizen – Lynn continues to press hard in his quest to make energy recovery the business as usual concept for future buildings and positively contribute to the human challenge of combatting climate change.

Lynn has four children and two granddaughters, so his personal mission is to do all he can to make the world more liveable for them and others

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